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Premium access includes

Prices calculator and search based on your boat details with:

  • Final price that you have to pay for mooring rental with port fees, VAT and supplies(water, electricity and wi-fi)
  • Long-term moorings rental available discounts
  • Travelift(crane) rates for your boat

*Available now Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Tunisia, Monaco


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This is a limited time offer. We plan to launch new features soon: dry dock and winter storage calculator, online documents storage, instant online marina check-in. We plan to publish new countries soon: Croatia, Belgium, France, Cyprus, Montenegro, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK.

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All information shared on this website should be taken as reference Information. We care that all information here is up-to-date, but some marinas may change their rates without prior warning.

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