Dirhami Dirhami, Läänemaa Dirhami / Derhamn 91214 Lääne maakond, Estonia

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Port Dirham 
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Berth daily rate: 0.53 €/m2

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The Port of Dirhami is a Baltic Sea port in north-western Estonia. In summer it’s a popular yacht harbour, while in winter it’s an active fish and goods port. Its location attracts visitors from far and wide. Entry to the port along the Dirhami leading lines is short and simple – the only complicating factor being if strong northerly or north-easterly winds are blowing. The port remains ice-free all year round and is well protected against storms. The main dock is 330 metres long; there’s also a floating dock measuring 50 metres. Visitors can make use of basic hygiene services, refuelling options, drinking water, electricity, waste disposal and boat storage facilities and enjoy a range of recreational options.

  • Max LOA(m)90
  • Max draft(m)3.7
  • Berths

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  • Location and data

    The port is perennially open and suitable for vessel with maximum LOA 90 m and with maximum draft 3.7 m. Number of places: 20 berths for visiting boats. Mooring: at the finger pontoon or among the fishing boats and merchant ships at the high pier Navigation: to enter the harbor along the mainline 170.3° – 350.3° (2 Big G 2s; white trapezes with black stripes on the metal frames). Landing WP on the main line. The minimum width of the inwards passage is 60 m. There are dangerous rocks on both sides of the passage. When the beacon QR (red metal column with a balcony) at the tip of the breakwater is in the right angle to the keel, turn to starboard and navigate to the harbor.

    Radiophone: VHF Ch. 10 & 16 “Port Dirhami”

    Port technical data:

    Port location59°12’41.00”N   ; 23°30’03.05”E
    Port leading line170°
    Vessel gross tonnage500 - 7500
    Vessel max. LOA (m)90,0
    Vessel max. breadth (m)12,0
    Vessel max. draft (m)3,7
    Entrance channel min. width (m)60,0
    Entrance channel min. depth (m)3,4

    Download a map of the port and take a look at its approaches here. The map cannot be displayed on mobile phones or tablets. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the map. Download the latest version!


Port Dirham
Dirhami Dirhami, Läänemaa Dirhami / Derhamn 91214 Lääne maakond

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