Rue du Port 22740 Lézardrieux, France


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Lézardrieux Marina 
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    The port facilities offer the following services to users, whether subscribers or visitors:

      • Fuel pumps located at pontoon 3 (near the port office) deliver diesel fuel and gasoline (SP 98) from a 24H / 24H terminal with payment only by credit card,

      Fuel pumps, Pontoon 3

      • A towing vessel to assist in the handling of damaged boats or towing boats in the harbor area (contact the port office),
        • An electricity grid (220VAC, 50 Hz) and drinking water with connection terminals on the pontoons of the deep water basin and the afloat basin,
          • A refit (Grounding Grid) located against the land of the Service of Lighthouses and Beacons allows a dry between two tides (fairing prohibited) for light interventions below the waterline,

          Refit block

            • A launching block located on the pond afloat allows the handling of boats on trailer or by crane,

            Launching wedge

            • Two sanitary blocks located near the port office (deep water port) and close to the pond are available to boaters (showers, sinks, toilets). Access is free between 09:00 and 19:00 but requires an access code outside these hours (ask for the code at the port office). The showers work with tokens that are available at the port office,
              • The "eco points" for the disposal of household waste are located in the deep water port parking area and near the sanitary block of the pond. The eco point located near the pond afloat is equipped with a used oil container.
                • A WIFI network allows communication via the Internet. The use of the WIFI network is free and access by boaters is free (using the identifier and password provided by the port office).
                  • A network of 7 CCTV cameras allows 24-hour surveillance of access and movement, especially at night, on pontoons and the port infrastructure. This network allows the automatic recording of movements on the port (access, pontoons, infrastructure) outside the hours of presence of the staff of the port office, and it provides assistance to the monitoring of traffic and movements of the port during the hours opening of the port office.
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                  Rue du Port 22740 Lézardrieux

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