Chemin du Beg Hent 22300 Lannion, France


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Site de Pors Névez 
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Site de Beg Hent 

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The two mooring sites located on the right bank of the River Léguer, which open out into Lannion Bay, have a continuity of occupation that spreads more or less densely between the Porz-Nevez hold upstream and the beacon at Beg Hent (downstream) before the tip of the Yaudet.
It includes 2 sites:
Pors Nevez

    A land full longitudinal of 400 m²,
    A lake of 50,800 m2,
    A slipway,

Beg Hent

    A lake of 70,800 m2,
    A longitudinal solid land of approximately 2,400 m² on which a slipway is laid,
    The port house with a toilet block.

The port includes a second departmental part, conceded to the town hall of Lannion, which extends from the sandbank of Loguivy to the bridge of Viarme.
La Corderie

    A launching wedge.
    The sandbank of Loguivy-lès-Lannion
    A land full of 4,200 m²,
    A launching ramp.

A few steps from the city center, several docks are available to boaters to go up the estuary of the Leguer and make a stop to discover Lannion.
Port operation

The rates are low because the anchorages belong individually to the users and are maintained by them. Users rent the location of their anchorage.

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Chemin du Beg Hent 22300 Lannion
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