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Port Saint Louis 
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Services and prices (TTC, year 2018)

- All our services are payable in cash upon arrival or registration.-

The registration fee is 130 € for a pleasure boat and 320 € for a pleasure boat.

We have a berth on catways or a land park. The price depends on the length of the boat, payable monthly (upon receipt of invoice), semester, year, week or day.

Table 1. Mooring tariff:

categoryoverall length*width€ / month€ / semester€ / year€ / week€ / day
APM050up to 4.99m2.50m854708504010
APM060from 5m to 5.99m2.50m10256110204010
APM070from 6m to 6.99m2.50m11965511904010
APM080from 7m to 7.99m2.50m13674913604010
APM090from 8m to 8.99m3.00m15384215305510
APM100from 9m to 9.99m3.00m17093517005510
APM110from 10m to 10.99m3,50m187102818706513
APM120from 11m to 11.99m3,50m204112220406513
APM130from 12m to 12.99m4.00m221121522106513
APM140from 13m to 13.99m4.00m238130923807515
APM150from 14m to 14.994.00m255140225507515
APM160from 15m to 15.99m4,50m272149627209018
APM170from 16m to 16.99m4,50m289159028909018
APM180from 17m to 17.99m4,50m306168330609018
APM200from 18m to 19.99m4,50m3401870340015030
APM250from 20m to 24.99m4,50m4252338425015030
APM300from 25m to 29.99m5,00m5102805510020050
APM385from 30m to 38,50m5,00m6553603655020050

* The "overall length" is the distance between the front and rear end points of the boat's permanent structure. That is to say including fixed elements such as balcony, delphinière, back range or davit.

For monthly contracts a deposit of two months rent is required upon registration and will be returned upon departure.

In addition, if the authorized width of the category is exceeded by more than 10%, the rate will be increased by the same percentage; and for a multihull the price according to the length of the boat will be increased by 50%.

Table 2. Tariff for trailer parking, with or without a boat on:

axles€ / month€ / semester€ / year

The use of the launching ramp is priced at € 11 per day or € 110 per year.

Services (excluding mooring or parking):

1 - consumption of electric current, on an individual meter: 0.19 € per kWh consumed.

2 - consumption of drinking water, on an individual meter: € 5.00 per cubic meter consumed.

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Port Saint Louis
avenue Vanderbilt, 78955 Carrières-sous-Poissy

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