342-, 370 Quai Auguste Meynier, 34280 Mauguio, France
VHF 16

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Marina rates by season

Berth daily rate: 0.41 - 0.84€/m2

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Nestled in the heart of a lively seaside resort all year round, at the gateway to the Petite Camargue, the port of Carnon, on the shores of the Mediterranean, is a haven of serenity protected from the sea.

Beyond its 850 moorings (all equipped with water, electricity, and all the features necessary for the comfort of its users), this dynamic and modern port also offers an annual parking in "storage on land" on 3 levels (for motor ships), as well as a dinghy park (for light sailing). With its efficient equipment and the reputation of conviviality of its quays, it also offers a privileged living environment at the gates of Montpellier.

  • Max LOA(m)20
  • Max draft(m)2.5
  • Travelift(t)25
  • Berths850

what to see

Facilities and services

Cocoon your boat

The docking of your boat guarantees maximum safety for your ship: between piles, on catways or on mooring arms. 
Handrails separate each pile mooring station. 
For convenience each location has a water distribution point and an electrical outlet. 

Cocoon your crew

The port is located in the very heart of the seaside resort, that is ...... restaurants and the beach. 
It offers all the services of proximities useful to your comfort (bakery, launderette, bread of ice, food ...) 

Modern equipment

  • Wifi: you have a free access of 10 minutes every day voluntarily limited in flow. Beyond your free session, you can choose one of the packages displayed. Unlimited internet package: 2 € / 2h - 5 € / 24h - 12 € / 1sem - 25 € / 1Mo
  • Parking and sanitary facilities for boaters
  • Pontoons with secure access
  • A fairing area 



Fairing area


The PORT of CARNON has two fairing areas , equipped for the collection of nautical waste ("clean points") and the treatment of fairing water (hydrocarbon separators). One to the east, reserved for nautical professionals; the other, more spacious, to the west, for the needs of boaters. 
A lifting crane (gantry year 2011) of 25 T, equipped with a mobile crane, allows the taking care of the ships in a dock of 4.50 m.

Operation: The yachtsman must first make an appointment at the harbor master's office for the scheduling of the handling. A voucher is to be paid and paid locally (CB accepted), (without which the operator is not allowed to operate the service). 
The positioning of the straps must be defined by the owner of the ship (or the person in charge of it) (see regulatory provisions on the back of the signed lift ticket).

"Clean point" and selective sorting: engaged in the "Clean Ports" initiative since 2001, the port of Carnon provides you with a mini-dump on the fairing area for the collection of nautical waste: batteries, oil, toxic liquid and solid, sacrificial anodes, obsolete fittings, etc. ...

waste management plan , in compliance with the regulations in force, is regularly renewed. This means the involvement of the harbor manager in a respectful and responsible environmental approach. Each dock has pontoon bins.

WITH US, have the right reflexes using the containers of selective sorting at your disposal.




Shore storage




At PORT CARNON, motor boats have the choice ...


An off-shore storage station is THE solution for small motorboats (less than 5.60 m). 
It is not a winter, but rather a location that, although shelf, allows you to enjoy the boat, every day, all year ...

Simple use: you park your vehicle at the onshore storage car park; you request that your vessel be launched (free handling which is under 10 minutes); and you go out to sea ... 
On your return, you dock your ship at the waiting pontoon, then it is stored in its place ...

The constraints: obviously this service requires the provision of a specialist, there are schedules to respect ... Thus, outside the time slot (fluctuating according to the periods), you must make your arrangements:

  • to get your ship out in advance the day before, leaving it docked at the dock;
  • either leave it at the same reception dock for the night in case of late return.


  • in high season (July-August): from 6 am to 20 pm non stop
  • medium and low season (depending on periods): storage opens at 7am, then at 8am, with closures varying between 16H (when it is dark) and 18H. An information calendar is defined at the beginning of the year .

Cost: The corresponding port fee includes a flat-rate price for the handling of the lifting equipment (ie no extra cost for the beneficiary). 
Download the fee schedule

Security :

  • Whatever is fenced, the equipment (fishing or other) must not be left on board the boats; the risk of flying deck hardware is always possible ...
  • At the hull, no equipment shall be located at the positions of the forks of the machine performing the handling.
  • the movement of pedestrians or vehicles (except service) is not permitted in the onshore storage enclosure



    342-, 370 Quai Auguste Meynier, 34280 Mauguio

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